About Mahony Scaffolding

With over 15 years’ experience of transforming buildings, structures and projects

About Us

MSS is an independent, family-run organisation with over 15 years’ experience supporting companies from across industry along with private clients on a diverse range of commercial and domestic projects across the South East of England.

We’re proud to employ the most professional teams in the business. They’re all highly qualified, friendly and dependable – and they’re led by experts in scaffolding, an industry we all love.

Together, we’re making a real difference to people who need reliable support when it comes to transforming buildings and structures, safely and securely.

Health And Safety Is Everything

We value the health and safety of our scaffolding teams above all else. You’ll see it in the attention we pay to our meticulous inspections and risk assessments that are all managed by our own in-house Health & Safety Advisor.

Our credentials are impeccable

Every member of our teams is trained to the industry’s highest standards and an ongoing training and certification programme means everyone is always tested, qualified and prepared.


Our teams are all highly trained and experienced in access and scaffolding schemes that suit all aspects of small-scale building and DIY projects. We’re dependable, prompt and are always on call to offer professional help.



We have a wealth of in-house skills, experience, equipment and resources – all under the same roof in Farnham, they support every access requirement, internal and external, for short- and long-term hire.